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Χρυσή Λίρα:332
Χρυσός (24Κ):45,60 €/gr
Χρυσός (22Κ):39,40 €/gr
Χρυσός (18Κ):31,10 €/gr
Χρυσός (14Κ):22,80 €/gr
Χρυσός (9Κ):12,50 €/gr
Άργυρος:500 €/kg

Welcome to Gold and Gold stores

Gold & Gold, is the largest and most trusted company in the Greek market of this particular area.
It was founded in 2010 by trusted and skilled people.
Entering the ninth year of operation, with the official government license
and having served more than 550,000 customers, is today the best choice in the field.

Gold & Gold gives you the opportunity to value old, broken or unwanted Gold or Silver jewelry, exchanging cash,
instantly, quickly and easily or even pledge them at the best prices in the market!

The estimation of jewelry, is made by a group of specialized valuers, based on the current market values
and the commercialism, always ensuring the best price, completely free, and in absolute secrecy. 

You can also buy from Gold & Gold, quality used Jewelry, Mobile Phones, Branded Watches, Laptops and Cars,
in perfect condition and unbelievable prices!

Our stores are at your disposal, daily from 08:30 to 20:30, and on Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00.


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